Winner winner…turkey dinner!

Congratulations to Franchesca Fontan-Reyes, and Kimberly Smith!! They were the winners of my Thanksgiving giveaway!! They will be receiving custom turkey seating cookies, personalized with their friends and family names πŸ™‚

Today was the second time making chocolate cookies, instead of my usual sugar ones…

I made my own recipe lol ( I laugh because it took me a very long time to come up with my sugar cookie recipe) …and the recipe I made is for a rolled out cookie, but I didn’t roll these out, I just scooped them and baked them right away…well they held their shape pretty well and the flavor was really good…my hubby was my cookie tester, and he approved! I also tasted them, and I am proud of myself.

When I first started this journey, my cookie journey, I had no clue on how to make dough from scratch. I watched tons of videos on YouTube, but when I would attempt to make it on my just was not coming out right. It was either too hard, or too soft…flavor wasn’t good, it didn’t hold its shape….It was a bit frustrating, but after many…oh so many attempts..I did my own measurements, my own add-on flavors..and I have come up with a pretty good dough :)…so attempting to make a different flavored cookie, was a bit intimidating…but it turns out it’s a pretty good cookie as well.

I will make some rolled out cookies tomorrowΒ  with this chocolate dough and see how they hold up with the frosting…I might use them as a giveaway too πŸ™‚

Don’t ever give up, try and try and try and keep on trying…you will be amazed at the amount of things that you can accomplish if you just TRY!

Love to all of you, I have a lot of baking to get done the next four days, and I will share pictures once they are completed πŸ™‚

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