Family time :)

Another sample for Angel, I forgot to send him the previous ones lol….I can’t wait to start making Christmas cookies!

I made these for Isabel’s birthday party! I hope she enjoyed them πŸ™‚ I used frosting sheets for these…I am really loving frosting sheets lol.

I also made these using frosting sheets for the label…I really liked how these came out! Katherine did too :).

And I really enjoyed making these for Angel..he had ordered them a while ago, but he was not in a rush to get them..but finally I had time to make them πŸ™‚ He really loves his son Michael, and Michael will looove these!

I had a very nice Thanksgiving day. Food was great, and I am so proud of myself that instead of eating 2 plates, I ate good portions πŸ™‚ go me, I get a big star! My dad made a fire outside, and we really had a great time, specially Zofia who was serenading us with her songs.

My mother in law Stella, and Johnny being silly lol


Johnny and I


My sister Maite, my lovely mother and I πŸ™‚


our own turkey cookies πŸ™‚


My family..I will be using this for my Christmas cards πŸ™‚

I hope you all had a great time too! lot’s of love to you all!


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