Welcome home Kitty, welcome home!

I couldn’t be anymore happy, i did shed a tear or two once it was out of the box…my prayers have been answered lol…This is Kitty, she was born today, and is now part of our family. She will be my best friend from now on, I will miss using her cousin Kristy the handheld Kitchenaid I had, but Kitty will definitely change many things around here :).

I was excited to open her up and just look at her, she is quite lovely! I can’t wait to use her for the first time today 🙂

I did one order for this past weekend for Soo, her son Gabe was celebrating his birthday and she wanted to do a rock theme for him, so she asked me to make her rock themed cookies :

I love the colors she chose for the cookies 🙂 and I am happy that she gave me freedom to do anything I wanted , thank  you Soo!

I will be working on a couple of orders this week, and also planning a Christmas give away..it will be the biggest giveaway I do this year :)..I just have to work out the details before I post it :).

Life has been good to me this past week, dieting has and is something I still have to get used too, but I definitely missed excercising..I used to be really into working out back then, way way back then lol..I feel good, and it makes me feel more happy fitting into jeans that I haven’t touched in years 🙂 so I will keep it up!

I hope you all have a great day, great week! Mucho amor to you all!!



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