You missed me?

christening cookies 7

I made these the beginning of the week for a little baby boy named Matthew. I hope he has a wonderful Baptism on sunday :). I have made cookies for him before, when he turned 6 months…I know he is still a baby but I hope he likes them lol.

frosting sheets 13

I also made these for Ysabel, she loves Hello Kitty just like me πŸ™‚ I used frosting sheets, and yes I’m getting addicted to them!

I have been quite busy, but more busy with my family. I had only time to do a few orders this week which were booked a long time ago. It is quite hard to leave the baking and focus on other things, but family comes first :). I really hustled to get these orders done, and would have loved to do more, but my time frame was quite short this week.

I usually post pictures of the cookies I have doneΒ the day of or the day after the event, just because sometimes they need to be kept secret lol…I’m so bad with secrets..yes I am. Most of the time though I am able to post right away, which I looove, although sometimes I post too many, but who doesn’t love my pictures?? lol.

With Thanksgiving gone, and Christmas on its way, I have been really planning my weeks and making sure I don’t over book orders..yes, over booking sometimes happens….it’s been happening a lot lately, but it’s because I love making cookies for wonderful people..but I promised my hubby that I would have a stress free Christmas……hahahaha I still laugh at that, “stress free”. I will have to make sure I let everyone know to order in a decent time, although I do love rush orders :).

I made some christmas cookies which I will be posting soon. I really had fun making them, since I was in a different location, and they came out really nice πŸ™‚ can’t wait to share!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Lot’s of love to you!!

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