Baby shower cookies and Christmas cookies :)

baby shower cookies 55

Marlene had ordered these for a baby shower, and I do love hello kitty! I hope they enjoyed it 🙂

baby shower cookies 78

Damaris had ordered these, and she showed me a picture of the onesie with this I made these cookies for her…they came out really cute, specially since it’s a bit different then the ones I have done 🙂

christmas cookies 7cookie basket 99christmas cookies 9christmas cookies 5christmas cookies 8christmas cookies 11christmas cookies 6hand painted cookie 65christmas cookies 10christmas cookies 4

I made all these cookies while I was away for a bit, they came out really cute. The santa cookie is a huge cookie, about 9 in…and I love how the hand painted round cookie came out ( I will be doing quite a few of these).

cookie basket 99

I also had made this basket for Matthew, which I forgot to post ..oopsy lol..I love baskets, they are so pretty and special for any occasion 🙂

This is the second post I write since WordPress seems to have a glitch, because I just posted a previous one and nothing showed up on my side 😦 so now I’m re-writing this again lol.

My husband has been very sentimental lately, very loveable too. I think it’s due to the holidays, or maybe it’s his time of the month lol…don’t get me wrong, he’s a very caring and kind man…but he’s also very manly looking, tall, very seeing him get all sentimental is very funny..He even told me that he was looking at old pictures of our daughter Zofia, and seeing how much she has grown, it’s amazing…he did shed a tear…He said that becoming a father and having our two little monster’s is the best thing ever..He has definitely become a wonderful father..such a long journey..I can’t wait to tell my kids all the things he has done. I love him!

I have been getting a lot of christmas orders, which is good, but I don’t want to get too crazy with a lot of orders lol, I did say I was going to try to have a stress free christmas..we will see lol.

Love to all! and please eat a cookie or two for diet has been going good so far, and I have lost 7 lbs. so yay!! go me 🙂

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