Just because…

christmas cookies 13

I made these yesterday for Johnny and his co-workers. I took my regular dough and colored it with green and pink, rolled it out and cut some Christmas trees. I added a bit of icing for decoration too..I love the way they came out, and I plan to make these for my family :). Johnny has been working for the City of Rahway for the past umm…12 years I think, he likes his job since he is a driver and sometimes gets to use the bobcats, and all other cool tools there lol..yes, Johnny likes cars, tools, and trucks, he has a huuuuge collection of toy cars which he might one day let Charlie touch lol.

I had also made this basket for my friend Bebe, who was having an all girls event (shopping!):

cookie basket 101

I always have a great time with my friend Bebe, she’s crazy and I love her lol…plus I love shopping and having a good time with the girls. YES WE GOSSIP!! and catch up on our lives since we don’t see each other everyday.

Life at home has been great, Johnny has been very attentive of me and the kids. We have going out more and eating out..I really like it since most of the time I am home with my monster’s while he is at work. It’s hard to have time to go out and do things like this every day, and I don’t need it everyday, just every now and then :).

We will be doing more Christmas shopping today so that we are not running around last minute shopping and ending up buying much more than you had planned for..that always happens to me lol. Johnny and I already bought each other gifts, early gifts..but I’m always sneaky and get him more stuff lol.

I hope you all have  a wonderful day today, I will enjoy today since tomorrow I start baking my orders, and I have quite a few, but can’t wait to do them!

Love to all!!

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