Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?

cookie basket 67

Linda ordered these for her wonderful boyfriend AJ, they met at starbucks :). I delivered these to him, and it was a bit of a puzzle to find him, but when I did he was all red and very surprised, but happy to see that Linda had done such a cute thing for him :). He was happy! I love the way the crossaint cookie came out, I hand panted it :).Custom cookies 3

I had done these a while back for my friend Silvia, using my lemon sugar cookie recipe…I am a DD girl, yes Starbucks is good, but I can barely order anything from there..where as in Dunkin Donuts it’s just coffee lol…I guess I am a very simple kind of girl.

I was never into coffee much, but kids change lot’s of things lol…I was addicted to drinking Sanka when I was prego with Zofia and Charlie…but nowadays I do drink plenty of coffee…specially in the winter time, yummmm!

Today is the last day to submit your Christmas tree pictures to, and then the voting begins. Can’t wait to see who wins!

Mucho amor to all of you!

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