Naughty girl!

christmas cookies 62christmas cookies 61

christmas cookies 63

I made these cookies for Yamel, she is one of my regular customers who I adore!! She chose the colors gold and red, and they came out wonderful πŸ™‚

custom cookies 98

I also made these for Sofia, she ordered these to give as gifts to her naughty friends lol…they came out quite lovely πŸ™‚ ..I will be doing a set like these to give out on a future mini giveaway after the holidays πŸ™‚

Yes, I did read all the books in 1 week was during Sandy’s visit, since the electric was out for a bit. Very interesting books I must say lol…

There are two more days left to vote on my FacebookΒ page oky’s cookies for your favorite Christmas tree picture, it is so nice to see the amount of likes that the pictures are getting, they are all very lucky to have such great Families and Friends :).

I had a wonderful day today, although I am a bit stressed out because a package was mis shipped (post office error), and I am praying that it gets to its original destination on time…I had a wonderful date night today with Johnny, he took me to a pretty nice restaurant, had good food although very healthy (small) portions lol , so I took the pictures from today and came up with this:


yes, time with my chancho is priceless..specially when the kids are at Grandma’s house :)..ohhh my new oky’s cookies tote bags came in!!! I will share that once I set up what the winner of the contest will win πŸ™‚

Lot’s of love to you all! Besos!!

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