My little pony :)

character cookies 55

I made these for Belle T., I have done a few cookies for her and this time it was my little pony cookies….thank god it was only two of each lol…I did not think they would be as hard to do but once I saw the amount of colors and details, well I re-thought about it lol..but I did tell Belle I would do them and I am glad I did. I outlined the details in contrasting colors to make it stand out more and I hand painted all the eyes, which is something I will do from now on since they came out really nice :). I love challenges like this, that test my artistic abilities, specially since I don’t copy or trace anything, it’s all free hand and thank god for having a steady hand…I hope they enjoy them!

I was so happy to receive more frosting sheets today since I was so out of them, and I have a pretty big order for cookies that require them for next week..this time I ordered them from Kopykake, and I can’t wait to use them and see how they differ from Luck’s πŸ™‚

I have baked a lot of chocolate chip cookies, and everyone loves them, so GO ME!! My favorite is the white chocolate chip cookies..yummy..I have Christmas orders to complete and I hope not to forget to take pictures! Today I will be going to my mother’s house to celebrate my sister Maite’sΒ Birthday, she is getting too old lol lol. I made her this cookie and since she can’t eat sweets I told her she can watch me eat it for her πŸ™‚ lol


Like I have mentioned before, she is a big Paulo CoelhoΒ fanatic and I wrote one of her favorite quotes. I also added “let’s have a kiki” since she has Johnny and I addicted to that song by the Scissor Sisters lol. Happy Birthday Maite, we love you!

Have a great monday! Love to all!

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