Ski trip cookies :)

custom cookies 96

I made these for Kyle, she wanted to order cookies so that once they arrive to Colorado, they can have something yummy to eat lol…I had fun making these specially since she gave me the freedom to do anything lol..I hope they enjoy them.


Charlie’s birthday party was fun, exhausting, and it went by very fast. Zofia was scared of Chuck e and almost cried, but a big thanks to Madison who was hugging her and making sure she was ok πŸ™‚ Madison you are an angel young lady!. We had Ice cream cake, cupcakes, and another cake that my mother made, which I looooooved:


My mother’s cakes are the tastiest cakes I have ever eaten, and not just because she is my mother, they are just delicious!!

I have a few orders to do this week, and a few samples..but I am taking some time to organize my home, and organize all the toys lol. I hope you all have a great week!!

Lot’s of love!

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