Let the new year begin :)

character cookies 83

My first Mickey mouse order of the year!! lol..These cookies are a love and hate relationship…Love the way they come out, hate the time and process it takes lol..but all for the love of the cookie πŸ™‚

miscellaneous cookies 22

Who can’t smile when they see these? I made these for my wonderful customer Dolores, whom I have not baked for in a bit since Christmas was a bit hectic, but now since we are back on a regular routine, she really wanted some yummy cookies πŸ™‚

I purchased a new camera, and I love the way it takes pictures. I was originally using just my phone and editing the pics on pixlr.com…now I don’t do much editing since the pictures come out quite nice.

This year I will be making a couple of changes on how I go on about my ordering process, I preferΒ the email method since lately, due to my old age, I have been forgetting quite a few things..and emails keep track of every little details..I just have to format an ordering sheet to make it easier for customers when they put in an order…and as much as I keep saying that I don’t like last minute orders, well I do. But I will start charging a rush fee lol..

It will be 1 year in February since I started this cookie journey, and I have learned what I should do, and what I need to work on. To me change is always good, you can only go forward!

I hope you all enjoy your day!! lot’s of love!

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