Love is in the air :)

valentine's day cookies 1

valentine's day cookies 2

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and I am getting well prepared for it. I will be making a lot of Valentine’s day cookies lol. I made this with the extra dough I had from an order. I figured I can make samples and have the hubby eat them 🙂

This year I will be making something very special for Johnny, hopefully we can have a nice romantic dinner…. a dinner in Atlantic City would be nice lol. (I am dealing with my gambling problems lol)

cookie basket 31

I made these for Nicolas YoonMo. It is Korean tradition to celebrate a baby’s first 100 days on this earth, since they can be sometimes the hardest days. I hope he enjoys them!

I will be looking at venues for my sister Natalia’s Sweet Sixteen this weekend. My dad is going to go broke, he has paid for my wedding, Maria’s wedding and now this party..I will make him some thank you cookies to put a smile on his face 🙂

I am finishing up some Karate cookies..KA RA TE! lol..can’t wait to share. Have a wonderful weekend, lot’s of love to you all!

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