u make my heart beat :)

custom cookies 93

These are the KA RA TE, well ninja cookies I did..I just like saying KA RA TE lol. I have done a few cookies for Laura P., and she has definitely recommended me to her friends which I greatly appreciate :). I made these cookies for one of her friends whose son Kenny turned 5, and I just went by the invitation she emailed me(the tag is like the invitation). I hope he enjoyed them!

valentine's day cookies 3

valentine's day cookies 4

I also made these simple Valentine’s day cookies..I just let my creativity flow..I have a few more to finish but they are drying as I type.

Life has been really good…Although Zofia has developed this “scared of the monsters” mood lol..she has been sneaking into our bed and not letting us sleep. On the good side, potty training is in effect..going strong day by day. I am praying that she gets it down and packed in the next couple of months :). I just can’t give up!

Charlie, well he just melts my heart. He is definitely mommy’s little boy. HeΒ is getting so big, and he weighs so much lol. I am lucky to have these little monster’s.

I am really looking forward to my sister Natalia’s sweet 16..well looking forward into the planning specially since we will be doing our own candy station πŸ™‚ , and yes, I will be making the most beautiful cookies for her. Her theme is vintage chic, she definitely has her own taste and she has great ideas as well. Can’t wait!!

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of this sunday, as I will by eating some sour cream and onion chips as we keep watching the golden globe awards :). Enjoy!!

3 thoughts on “u make my heart beat :)

  1. wow those came out really nice……I cant wait to see pictures of the sweet sixteen…..looking forward to checking out your candy station, lol and everything about it, lol

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