valentine's day cookies 10valentine's day cookies 14 wall pic

valentine's day cookies 11

I love making LOVE cookies lol..The owl is my favorite πŸ™‚

christening cookies 9

I also made this sample for Lisa, who I have been promising to do..and finally I did lol.

Yesterday was not my day at all…I kept dropping stuff, a bit unbalanced I think. I was making dough and messed up 2 batches..on 1 IΒ added double baking powder, and on the second one I forgot if I had added the eggs, and I ended up adding more lol..Johnny says its old age.

I will be going to pick up some cookie cutters today from one of my customers since I don’t have the cutters for the cookies she wants, and she does lol…love wonderful customers!!!

It is another gloomy day today, I wish the sun was out…gloomy days make me laaaazy. But I must get prepping for the orders I have this week. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Lot’s of love!!

6 thoughts on “xoxoxoxo

  1. Holy cow! First of all, how did you get the writing so tiny and precise on that cookie?? Secondly, that owl is ADORABLE! I want a whole box of them to send to someone special.

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