T G F E!!

valentine's day cookies 13

valentine's day cookies 14

Yes..more Love cookies..and there will be a few more lol…I’m not a big fan of the quilting effect on a cookie, but I do like the way it came out..somewhat different…ok ok..maybe I do like it, it’s just a pain to do lol.

Why T G F E? well Thank God For Everything!!..Yes, I am very thankful for all the people, and things that have come my way. I am thankful for the strength to push forward every single day…for the will to make things happen for myself, for my family. We are so lucky to have the things we have and sometimes because we want more, we take those things for granted.

I am almost done with the orders I had, and I plan to finish putting away all the christmas decorations I still have out…note to self: don’t buy any more decorations!! I have a great weekend to look for..actually all weekends are great since I get to wake up next to the sexiest man in my world lol… No ” IΒ love you babe, see you later” at 5:35 a.m., or just waking up next to Zofia who sneaks up into my bed and takes control of all the space…We get to wake up and look into each other’s eyes..make pancakes for breakfast and bacon!! woo hoo bacon!!..We watch cartoons, and plan our day! …. I looove weekends!

I hope you guys also have a wonderful weekend! Lot’s of love to you all!

4 thoughts on “T G F E!!

  1. These cookies look fantastic. Really good presentation in these photos. I know I would love to receive cookies that look like these. Have a wonderful day. God Bless

      1. No problem. Oh well I really was not but do you have a store/bakery or something ? I haven’t got a chance yet to look around your site : )

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