I’m getting old…

frosting sheet cookies 82

I am lol..I was checking my personal Facebook page and there was  a new message from Stacey about the cookies..I asked my self “what cookies is she talking about” and that was followed by a big “OH SHI*” lol..It was friday night, just finished up my last order and realized that I completely forgot to make these cookies, and she needed them for Saturday at 10am…I started baking right away (it was 8pm)..thank god it was using frosting sheets, otherwise I would have had an unhappy customer…I was so happy that I managed to get them done just in time.

I get a lot of orders via email which I love because I can just print them out and file, but since this was done trough my personal page, I completely forgot about it. I am making sure I have all my orders verified now lol. Fun Friday night.

rollerskate cookies 3

I also made these roller skates for Cierra and Jordan’s birthday. I have a rollerskate cookie cutter but it is way too small, so I use my baby carriage cutter (it’s pretty big) and just make some alterations when I cut the dough..I have been looking into making my own cutters, and I think I will…specially since sometimes when I shop for cutters, they seem bigger than what you actually receive lol.

christening cookies 11

And last but not least, I made these wonderful Christening cookies for Thomas. Jennifer had seen the ones I did for Jaime, and she really liked them so she asked me to re-make them. They were so much easier to do this time around 🙂 I hope they were enjoyed!

My monster Zofia is sick again 😦 but she is getting better..Charlie and her share their viruses lol…if one is sick then the other one gets it..a bit stressful to have both of them sick at the same time, but I love the fact that all they want to do is cuddle with me, I love it.

I have a couple of orders to do this week, and I have to start prepping for an upcoming bridal show which will be held at the Menlo Park Mall here in NJ…the last time I did this show it was wonderful, because you get sooooo many people (it’s a mall lol), and it is not just brides, everyone stops by. I am really looking forward to this show.

Johnny is off today, since it is Martin Luther King Jr. day…they very rarely have off on certain holidays, so I am much pleased that we get to enjoy a nice bowl of warm apple cinnamon oatmeal together. We will be home most of the day, probably watching Disney movies with the monsters.

I hope you all have a great start to your week, that you get a lot of things accomplished, and make some time for yourself, either read a book, paint, cook…just do something you enjoy to do 🙂 Lot’s of love to you all!

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