So sweet :)

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We will be doing a dessert table for my sister’s sweet 16, and well we came across merengues..I watched a few videos on YouTube to see what it consists of since sunday we are meeting at my mother’s house to bake different kind of treats…well I couldn’t wait till sunday so I made these today lol…they are very yummy, chewy, just delish!! I did the colors she wants to use, although I added the pink (yep she wants peach). We will be putting these inside big glass containers as part as the table decor 🙂 can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

wall pictures

I also made this cookie sample today…I will be making a few more just to see which one she likes…I had to make the picture into black and white (because I love B&W pictures), I think it looks so lovely.

lace cookies 10

Here is the full color one…I have to adjust the icing colors because these look really strong, and we want a vintage look lol…I did a lace technique which I am really, really getting into lol…and of course cute little flowers….I always have to remember to make sure I breathe when I pipe….it’s all about a steady hand 🙂

I will be working on more samples as I mentioned, can’t wait to share!

Love to you all!

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