What do you believe?

custom cookies 36

I made these for Fatima…she had sent me a picture of the angel and asked if I could do a sample for her…well I did, and I did it on a chocolate chip cookie :)….This angel reminded me a lot of my grandmother Teresita…I miss her alot…I really like the way it came out.

merengue 1

merengue 2

Yes, more meringues lol…I looove the rose ones, not to crazy about the heart ones, but I will try to make them smoother. I can’t be making too many of these because they go fast in my home lol. And a big thanks to my two first meringue orders lol, I was really not expecting to get orders for these, but thank you for liking them, You will enjoy them!

This week I saw a psychic..oh yes I did lol…and she read me like a book. She told me so many things that just happen to be going on right now, things that have happened, and things that she sees happening. I felt so relaxed with her, a bit scared because she said things that are so true (scary)…she even told me that my car needed to get fixed and she was right lol ..I felt naked, in the sense that she told me many things thatΒ I have been feeling and thinking about…..Β I did enjoyed the reading. It made me think about a lot of things, about what is really important for me. One of the things she told me was that my son Charlie is an old soul…I KNEW IT!! I felt it the first day he looked into my eyes lol…she said he has lived many lives….ok ok ok..I won’t freak you guys out..she is good! It was a nice experience πŸ™‚

People choose to believe what they want to believe…I do believe in life after death, I do believe that people can sense when things are going to happen…I believe that our loved ones who have passed are always with us…I believe in many things, but most important of all, I believe that you can change anything and make anything happen…It is all up to you, you decide what happens inΒ  your life, you either choose to do or not to do.

I always wish you guys lot’s of love, because I do mean it, I hope you all believe that great things can happen, that you can make great things happen in your life..and they will, if you believe and just try!

Until another cookie πŸ™‚ Have a lovely night πŸ™‚

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