Cookies for every occasion :)


baby shower cookies 94

I made these cute baby shower cookies to match the invitations, My friend Melissa P. made the matching tags which I have to get a picture of because they came out really cute :)…I love these little elephants.


babyshower cookies 15


Jackie ordered these so that she can surprise her parents…so cute!! I love doing mini cookies, they are tiny and bite size. I hope they enjoyed them!

birthday cookies 88


These for Jake’s 1st birthday party. Jaime had shown me a picture and she wanted to do the colors in blue and green…I did not have a cookie cutter for these so I made my own template…It took a bit longer to cut them out but they came out really cute 🙂

cookie baskets 45

I also made this basket for Crystal , it will be raffle away this weekend…I hope who ever wins this basket enjoys the cookies 🙂

I have a few orders this week since I have a bridal show on thursday at the Menlo Park mall in Edison NJ…I have to get everything organized and make sure I have all my marketing material ready…I am really looking forward to this show! I will also be doing another workshop on March 3, so I have to start planning for that since I will be teaching how to make a flower bouquet…fun fun fun!

I’ve been a bit sick, but hopefully I feel better! on the big plus side, Zofia is non stop going potty!! I am so happy, she has been just going by herself…she makes me so proud, and a bit sad because she is growing up so fast….next will be Charlie lol.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and week…Lot’s of love to you all!

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