Do they taste good?

miscellaneous cookies 44

Sarah A. ordered these as a thank you for her Doctor’s who helped her…she had seen the ones I did before and really liked them..I just added more details to them..I hope they like them 🙂

miscellaneous cookies 83

Yes, another mini giveaway… I made these cute mama apple’s and baby apples to give out..I love doing these mini giveaways, they are fun and they are very entertaining lol…I love to keep my fans happy!

miscellaneous cookies99

I made these just for sampling, since I do have customers who would like to taste my cookies. People sometimes feel bad asking me if they taste good… I don’t mind since I wouldn’t but something that didn’t taste good either, so I offer them some samples…I always get, “they are chewy…yummy”..well I do like my cookies chewy, never really been a big fan of hard crunchy ones lol…….. I didn’t have time to make fancy ones, but it’s all about the taste…I also used this picture to say a big hello to all the wonderful people I have on my Facebook page. I’m not all crazy about how many number of likes I get to my page, of course it is nice to have a lot of fans, but I don’t go overboard trying to get likes…I do appreciate all the people who follow me, that like to see what cookies I come up with next..that leave nice comments. Same here in this wonderful blog, that I get to let you all now the story behind the cookies I make..about me, what goes on in my life..about my kids, if they drive me nuts or not lol..thank you all for taking interest in what I do and what I say 🙂

I am almost done with two very cute orders, and I have to get a few things for my cookie workshop….I can’t wait to share with you!! Until then, love to you!


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