Happy Friday!!!

baby shower cookies 44

I made this cookie for Abby, she will be giving it to a very special couple 🙂 …this is a 5 in. by 7 in. cookie, pretty big cookie, and I LOVE IT!, ok ok , I tend to love all my cookies, but this one I love love love…I made it to match the bedding set 🙂 …so cute, I hope they love it too 🙂


cookie basket 45

cookie basket 46

I made this Green Lantern cookie basket for Candice S., who will be giving it to her co-worker today….I think he is really going to like it 🙂 ..I told her to take a picture of him with the cookies, because I can imagine the look on his face lol. I hope he is happy with this gift!

wedding cookies 94

I made this sample for Amelia A.. I met her at the Menlo Park mall show, and she really liked the bride and groom cookies…So I made her this cute little sample….I hope she likes it 🙂

I had made cookies this week for Sarah A., the thank you cookies for her Doctor…and I received a very nice email from her today…In it she shared a link to her blog, telling her story… http://sarahbeastromanderson.blogspot.com/ …Like I told her, It takes really strong women to go what she is going through, and I wish her all the strength in this world. I am happy that I was able to make cookies for her, I am happy to have met her 🙂

You never know what life may bring. I wish you the best Sarah!!!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend! I will be doing my workshop on Sunday 🙂 can’t wait…………….. Lot’s of love!!

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