Cookie Baskets…. I do love!

cookie basket 90cookie basket 44 cookie basket 43 cookie basket 42 cookie basket 40

I think the one thing that differs me from other cookie makers, is the amount of cookie baskets I make…I have met a lot of cookie makers and they don’t really do baskets..more favors than actual baskets…..makes me feel like I have found my way lol lol…yes I love making all kinds of cookies and for any occasion, but I do love baskets 🙂 and this one is by far my favorite one.. Katiuska ordered these, well she told me that she liked the lace, crochet look and if I could make designs with I came up with all these cute cookies…I think I met her requirements 🙂 I hope she enjoys the basket!

Life is good, well this week anyways…I still have to come up with a Purchase order form, and finish organizing all my supplies…I keep buying and buying but not organizing lol…but this weekend I will accomplish many things 🙂 …I have been getting a lot of Easter orders, so a big thank you!  I also have to plan for my monster Zofia’s birthday party…I can’t wait for all the kiddies to decorate their own cookies!!

I still have a couple of more orders to complete, and then I get to enjoy this weekend 🙂 I hope you all have a wonderful time! Love to all!!


4 thoughts on “Cookie Baskets…. I do love!

  1. Your work is awesome. Each cookie is prettier than the next. Love seeing all the different cookies you come up with. Beautiful Job.

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