oopsy :)

character cookies 34

I made these cute Mickey and Minnie cookies for Fernanda 🙂 I hope they were enjoyed!

cookie bsket997

cookies basket 988

I am almost done setting up this cookie basket for Melissa 🙂 I will share the final picture tomorrow. I think they came out pretty cute…although having to free hand the Harley cookies was a bit of torture, I like the way they came out 🙂

We had a big oopsy today… well Zofia did..lol…We went to the mall today and she asked to go potty, so I took her to the restroom, but nothing came out..she said she wanted to go play..I told her to make sure as soon as she feels like going to let me know…well….she was playing in the slide, and all of a sudden she just looks at me and says ” oh oh mommyyyy” lol, she couldn’t hold it, and she ended up peeing all over the slide…yep, inside the mall lol lol…now there were many parents and kids around, and thank god a maintenance person was near, so they had little hazard signs everywhere…my poor Zofia seemed a bit scared, but I did not want her to feel embarassed..no no no…I told her that it was ok, that it was an accident and that we will get her all cleaned up, but that next time she has to make sure she doesn’t hold it in just because she wants to play with the kids. All the other kids did not even realize what had happened, since kids just love to run around…The maintenance person gave me paper towels to try to dry her up, since her pants were all wet and socks too.. I kept telling her that it’s natural, and it sometimes happens and to never be embarrassed about accidents like this..and of course to try to not let this happen again. She smiled at me and said “ok mommy, I so sorry, I did not mean to go potty on my friends” lol lol…I then carried her and took her to the nearest restroom..thank god I packed an extra pair of pants, undies and socks. When we came home, off to take a shower she went and I explained to her again what had happened.

Being a parent is one of the greatest things in this world. I don’t think I’m a great parent, but I do try to do my best. I am not the type of parent that would have been yelling at her and being the one to make her feel embarrassed, or the type of parent to hit her out of anger because she peed all over. Kids are kids, and things happen. Yes sometimes I do raise my voice, and threaten to get the belt (I don’t own any by the way lol), but I always say to myself, she is only 2, well 3 in a few weeks….she is still learning, she will have accidents, she will challenge me, she will test me…she’s only 2… Being patient is a virtue, and I thank my hubby everyday for teaching me that. My kids see everything I do, see how I act..they learn from me everyday…I want to make sure I treat them the way that I would want them to treat their own kids one day..that I lead by example…

My siblings and I used to get the belt when we were younger, and all that taught me was to be afraid. It didn’t teach me the why of things..it taught me that if I ever did anything that my parents thought was not right, that the consequences would hurt. We definitely learned not to do it again lol lol. Times have definitely changed.

I learn a lot from my kids as well..I am still yet to learn much more.

For those of you who have children, you know how fast they grow everyday..leave them great memories to always remember 🙂 Believe me, I will make sure I tell this story to all of Zofia’s friends when she gets older lol lol lol

Love to you all!

2 thoughts on “oopsy :)

  1. Awww great story. Thank God I never had that experience that with my kids. But its true, kids are kids and they have no control especially when they are learning to go potty. And very true, I got the belt and staning in the corner staring at the wall and my father used to make me kneel down on rice……so imagine what all the kids nowadays get away with!

    And its true, they learn from experience and when they grow up they usually tend to follow what their parents did. So kudos to you for being patient and Im sure Zofia appreciates the no screaming in front of those kids or any spanking! Keep up the good work!

    1. aww thanks 🙂 ….my grandmother, my dad’s mother, she used to have this braided horse tail that she would hit my uncles with if they misbehaved lol..back then it was craaazy lol lol..but times have definitely changed, and kids do get away with alot nowadays… there just has to be an equal balance…I’m trying my best with my monsters, although I think Charlie is going to give me more white hairs lol..he is my drama king lol lol

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