so many emails :)

cookie basket555

And this is the final basket 🙂 So pretty 🙂 Melissa really liked it!

custom cookie 999

A personalized cookie for my friend Pedro, who lives in Spain…Happy Be-lated Birthday amigo!! He really liked it 🙂

flower cookies 773

Roses are so hard to do, actually any flower is pretty hard to do lol…I had done a special cookie for Claudia, and I had left over icing, so I decided to make a rose….well did I mention that the cookie has a cinnabun flavor to it?? yes it does, and I looooooove it lol…I will be doing a mini giveaway again soon with this recipe 🙂

Yes, so many emails….I really need to make a Purchase order to make my life easier, and save paper lol…I am happy to be booked for the next three months, but I really have to figure what my vacation plans are for this summer, because I am starting to get plenty of orders , and I do want to have a nice family vacation this year 🙂 ….. busy busy busy..but loving it!

I just shipped some Beauty and the Beast birthday cookies, I can’t wait to share!!! Until then, lot’s of love to you!!


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