Once upon a time…

character cookies 8484

frosting sheet cookies 84

I made these for Sierra’s birthday, and she loves Belle 🙂 I used frosting sheets, and I also decorated with royal icing.. so pretty 🙂

photo 20

This is the birthday girl. I love it when customers send me pictures, it makes me feel so happy to see that they like their cookies 🙂

Every night I read Zofia a story, of course it starts with Once upon a time, and ends with happily ever after, the end…My daughter sometimes cuts me off and starts telling her own story lol…I hope these moments last for a long time..she even prays with me in spanish 🙂 ….She is always going to be my princess ballerina mermaid Zofia…<3

Charlie, well he is my little monkey..he loves to climb, and he has gotten used to stacking up books to get on to the sofa, and then he jumps over the sofa and hangs until his feet touch the ground lol…very smart kid…I need to start video taping this, specially when he moon crawls backwards, it is the funniest thing lol lol…my monster ❤

I have a few orders to finish up, and three samples to still finish…it’s going to be a long week for me lol, specially with two last minute orders , but it keeps me busy and I have managed to prioritize and just take it easy. I have been getting a lot of orders for this month through June lol…It is great, but I am also not going to over book myself, because I do want to make time for my family…we’ll see how it goes lol.

And yes, I need to make time to make a purchase order form!!! MUST DO IT OKY!! If anyone has any advice on how to go on about it, please let me know lol lol lol…

well, it’s way past my bedtime, and although I want to go to bed, my mind keeps thinking about candy crush saga lol…yes I’m addicted to it, and I do harass my friends to send me more lives lol lol…

Lot’s of love !!


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