I did it :)

After about 2 hours, I managed to upload all my cookie galleries πŸ™‚ GO ME!! WO HOO!! I am so happy that is done! So please take a look and you will see all my pictures.

I have had a very productive week.. I managed to bake over 500 cookies and I am happy this week is done lol….I took a very nice long nap today, and woke up to kisses from my two little monsters…I had a good day.

cookie pops 44

Linda ordered these a very long time ago lol..and finally the day came to make them! I have done previous ones like this, except this time I added the clown, since it is for a circus birthday theme party. All of these cookies were done on sticks because she is doing a cute centerpiece (yes all 100 of these).. I can’t wait to see the final picture πŸ™‚

christening & communion cookies 99

I met Cathie last year, and I did an order for her future daughter in law…then I did cookies for her daughter in law’s baby shower…and now I have made her Christening cookies πŸ™‚ I love Cathie, she is a wonderful person, and I know she is going to be a long time customer.

tiara cookies 88

I made these for Kim’s daughter Kailee’s birthday party…She sent me the invitation she had made and I used frosting sheets for the little pirate girl. I love this color combination…I hope Kailee has a great birthday party!

baby shower cookies 33


Jennifer ordered these Hungry caterpillar theme cookies for a baby shower….I really enjoyed making these cookies, they are just so cute and such a cute theme! I was happy to make something different, so thank you for this order!

Having this blog, and my Facebook page has definitely helped me gain a lot of customers, a lot of orders, a lot of friends..so thank you! It has been a little over a year I have started this little business and I am happy the growth it has gained so far…I really appreciate all the wonderful customers for allowing me to create wonderful cookies. Thank you all!

Belly update: I am hungry all the time, and for some reason I feel that my blood pressure drops a lot…I will have to call my doc…..but I am seeing a little belly although I am only about 7 1/2 weeks, or it can just be my belly fat since I have been eating so much junk food lately lol lol lol….I’ll probably turn into the hungry hungry hippo, which will be a great theme for this baby shower…although I’m not sure if I will have another baby shower, I mean I have had two already lol lol lol but hey, if my mommy and sisters want to do one, go right ahead ladies, I know I will be needing diapers lol lol lol….oh hippo feet.

Just a quick reminder for my wonderful customers, please email me your orders at okyscookies@hotmail.com , I do love talking to you on the phone but most of the time I forget what has been spoken lol…so please, for any orders just email me πŸ™‚ ….I had a call from Donna T. asking me for a cookie sample, and I can’t seem to find her number…yep, I made a boo boo…so I hope Donna gives me a call soon lol…sorry guys, being busy definitely has a toll on my memory skills.

It’s Saturday night, and I am about to have some pizza and watch princess movies with Zofia… I hope you all have a great weekend, and once again, Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Lot’s of love to you all!

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