Crazy day!

custom cookies 002

Thank you Nighat for this order! I had so much fun doing the animated cookie πŸ™‚ I looove challenges like these πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

character cookies 66 character cookies 67

Deborah, I hope Madison has a spectacular birthday party! I loved making these cookies, which I thought they were going to be really hard, but I enjoyed making them πŸ™‚ It was a pleasure meeting you as well!

christening communion cookies 99

Florbela, my wonderful customer! I hope Adriana has a wonderful Communion πŸ™‚ I am happy she liked the cookies, and I wish her a wonderful day tomorrow!

christening communion cookies 88

Marilyn, I hope Haley has a wonderful day this Sunday! And I am happy you like the cookies, it is always a pleasure baking for you πŸ™‚

christening communion cookies 102


Agnieska, I love the idea you had for these cookies! Although the first 20 did fall down and break ( yep they were already finished 😦 and had to re-make them lol)…It really got me a bit stressed, but I managed to get it all done and delivered on time πŸ™‚ I hope Daniel has a wonderful Christening!

What a week! I had so much baking, decorating, a bit of a cry me a river moment, so emotional, and to top it off, Β I almost had a heart attack today…yep….I was getting some supplies from my front porch and I usually close one of the two doors so that Charlie doesn’t come in, and well….the door locked up..did not want to open and I had Charlie on the other side trying to reach the knob…I swear my son is amazing! I started yelling for Zofia but Miss sleepy head was still in bed and did not hear her mother’s yell…so Charlie realized I was calling her and started himself yelling “ia ia”…there was a moment that he just stared at me and right away went towards the gate and started climbing over it, as if he was going to go upstairs and get Zofia..I started yelling ” No Charlie, No”……He just looked at me and once he started climbing down from the gate Β I just grabbed a little paint can my hubby had left in the porch and broke one of the doors window….I then quickly opened the door and hugged my little monster….this was all a matter of about 5 minutes. Never again will I leave the door closed….. My door is an old door from the 1910’s, and you need a skeleton key to open it, but there is a top knob and lower knob..well the lower knob just decided to lock up. I swear, my heart was at my throat….yep I did cry, because I was so scared and of course thoughts of the what if’s just started going through my head…Thank God nothing bad happened to my Monsters πŸ™‚

I realize that I can take a certain amount of pressure, but I do tend to crack….and sometimes feel defeated in a weird way. Johnny says I am just doing too much and that I need to slow down a bit, and he is right. Next week is another busy week for me, and after that I will only be taking a few orders per week, no over doing it! I have been missing a lot of moments from my kids, and I want to balance things out…and I must get help when I have full weeks!

I am so happy that I am done with all my orders, just a couple of deliveries to do and it’s done for this week. Β A big THANK YOU to my hubby, and yes I know I praise him a lot, but man oh man…he has definitely kept me strong!

I am now turning this computer off, cell phone off…and enjoying a nice mint chocolate chip ice cream bowl as we watch Tangled for the 100th time….Zofia is wearing her princess gown and has her wand….Charlie is just throwing all the cushions on the floor lol.

Love to you all! Remember, Family always comes first!

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