Clean it up :)

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DONE!…with my orders for this week that is πŸ™‚ ….A big thank you to all my lovely customers :).

I am really looking forward to doing some house clean up….My living room looks like it has been hit by a tornado of toys….I will probably find all 7 of Charlie’s missing binkis…I hope.. This will be the third time condensing their toys, but for some reason every time we go to grandma Stella’s house my kids bring more and more toys lol… When it was just Zofia, she did not make much mess…add Charlie to the equation= Catastrophe. No matter how many times I straighten up, toys end up everywhere, and as much as my urges to clean up right away..I remind myself that they like to play with their toys, and make messes. My problem, which I need to work on, Is to have them understand that they can play but they also have to clean up when they are done. It has worked a few times, but still… end up everywhere. Maybe I need to find a better organizational formula when it comes to having a single spot for all their toys?

Yes my floor gets sticky, and crumbs end up everywhere (AHHHHHHHH)….it does drive me insane, because I have always been used to having things in their place and neat……but like I have said many times before, my monsters’ will one day grow up and make their own mess in their own place lol….and maybe mommy will help them clean , maybe.

I had Β a great baking week, not that stressful since the monster’s are really starting to play more with each other, and they are really getting into drawing and coloring a lot…of course Charlie just does everything Zofia does, except play dress up lol. I am really looking forward to our mini beach vacation…I hope Zofia is not afraid of the sand this time..I hope. Life is good, what can I say? πŸ™‚


Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy every moment πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Clean it up :)

  1. Try offering them their favorite snack or ice cream but only after they pick up their toys and put them where they belong. it worked for me kids. there was this song that went “clean up ,clean up, everyone clean up” not sure if it was from barney. but when i played it, they knew it was time to clean……lol

  2. they eat their snacks but forget about picking things up, I guess I have to make it more of a game for them, like who can do it the fastest? lol lol must think of ideas, although having taken away the tiny toys definitely has helped not having them all over the floor πŸ™‚

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