Taking it easy :)

miscellaneous cookies 88

I made these cookies for a small giveaway last week, and Agnieszka won!! I haven’t made many giveaways lately, so I figured this would be a cute one specially since it’s summer time!! character cookies 60

medical cookies

Easy week last week, meaning that I am only now taking a few orders per week (no more than 300 cookies per week) lol…I am making more time to be with my monsters and also because lately I have been feeling tired and all I want to do is sleep lol. Like they say, every pregnancy is different, and with this monster all I want is spicy food, and take long naps 🙂

We had a lovely weekend, we ended up going to AC, because my daughter Zofia kept asking about it over and over and over…..so we made a small trip there, and it was very nice 🙂 …she loooves the pool there and she discovered what milkshakes taste like….so now she loves strawberry milkshakes lol…She has started singing songs that she hears on the radio, the latest one being “scream and shout”…we were walking to our room and all of a sudden she started singing “i want to scream and shout and let it all out”, she kept repeating it over and over lol…it was the cutest thing and funniest as well. Yep my monster is growing up 🙂

I have been having crazy dreams, as well as nightmares lately and I’m not really liking it ..maybe I am a bit nervous about how things are going to change, but I know everything will be ok 🙂 My hubby has been giving lots of support, and I really appreciate it :). I will be 6 months pregnant on thursday and today I will be going for an ultrasound again to check on the baby and it’s measurements. I have told them that I do not want to know the baby’s gender just incase she says it by mistake, so I hope they don’t spoil it lol. My mother keeps saying it’s a girl, but my mother in law says it’s a boy…we will find out next month 🙂

Sometimes things may not go as planned…actually a lot of things don’t go as planned lol, but then again life is life, you never know what will happen or what will change..but to me change is good, and although I did not see being pregnant for 4 years straight (yep that’s how I have felt), I am happy that I have the family I have always wanted and wouldn’t change anything. My mommy journey is definitely teaching me so many new things, the most important of all, unconditional love.

This week I have mini mouse cookies to do and some rock star cookies as well. I will be making my dough sometime today and I am also doing another small mini giveaway this week as well which I usually do through my Facebook page: oky’s cookies so be on the look out!

Lot’s of love to you all!

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