Starting over..

I don’t want this to be a sad post, although I am still emotional about what has happened, but I do want to share because a lot of you have been asking about it, and honestly I get emotional every time I talk about it so I rather just do it this one last time.

On Saturday August 24th, my hubby kids and I went to Atlantic city for our Anniversary weekend. We had a great time, specially the kids since they love the pool and think it is a castle there. We came back on Sunday, and went straight to drop off the kids at my mother in laws house so that Johnny and I could have a nice anniversary dinner. We arrived at the restaurant, and a few minutes later I received a voice mail from my neighbor saying that there was a fire in our home. We just got up and left, and headed over there.

We arrived to a blocked street, and went straight to meet the police chief. I saw my house and all windows were broken, and there was not damage to the outside, but it was very dark inside….I lost it then, could not stop crying…Johnny lost it too…It hurt me so much seeing him cry because he doesn’t cry easily. We waited and waited, and finally we spoke to the fire inspector. The fire had started in our living room and it had been contained in time to spread to the second floor. It started due to an outlet failure, and I am thankful no one was home and no one got hurt. We had to wait until the fire inspector was done to be able to go in and see….Johnny went in but I couldn’t, specially with all the smoke still in air. He came down and could not stop crying, but he said it looks much worse than what it really is…he just hugged me and said that everything will be alright.

It has been the longest 5 days of our lives…We had to vacate the premises and we are currently at my in-laws house. Our kids have no clue of what happened, we just told them we are on a very long vacation and hopefully we will be back home soon. We had only the clothes we took to AC with us and that is about it, but thank God Zofia had her unicorn pillow, it made her really happy.

They were only able to salvage 8 bags of clothing that were in our basement, that were stored in containers, everything else is considered a loss.

I did go in the house to see, and it was all black…it’s amazing the amount of damage that smoke can cause, it seeped into everything. The whole upstairs had smoke damage, even our attic. And our basement, well, water was on the floor and ashes as well. I know all materials can be replaced, but it still hurts to see it all damaged, specially my kids rooms with all their toys and clothes, their pictures melted…I know we can build new memories, but it will definitely take some time to overcome these emotions.

I am thankful to all our Family and friends, and friends of friends that I have never met who have called and offered their help. THANK YOU! It’s amazing the amount of kindness we have experienced and it makes me happy to know that we are loved.

I lost all my cookie supplies and equipment, and that did hurt , but I know I can start again once we get our living situation settled….I have canceled all my orders until then, and I am thankful for the understanding from my customers. I do not want to quit this journey, I just have to suspend it for now.

You never know what is going to happen, you can never prepare for the unexpected. I am just glad my family is with me, and we will move on…we will keep strong.

I will keep blogging, but it will be more about this new phase until I continue with my cookies, thank you all!

Lot’s of love to you!

5 thoughts on “Starting over..

  1. I am so so sorry to hear that this has happened. I saw the post on Facebook and was in somewhat a state of shock to here that this has happened. You truly just never know what is going to happen next. It is great to hear you and your family are fine. I can not imagine what you guys are going through but I am truly sorry. Your family will be in my prayers. God Bless

  2. I know exactly what you are going through; my apartment burned down a few years ago and we lost pretty much everything – we went back in with flashlights to see what we could salvage and it wasn’t much. I know how hard it is to start over, and I can tell you from experience that you’re going to spend at least the next few years of your life thinking “I need X, I know I have it, now where was it…oh, right. I don’t have that anymore.”
    I’m glad you guys are all safe, though, and if you need any kind of help, pass the word along! It’s a long, hard process replacing everything, and we’d be more than willing to donate to the cause!

  3. My darling friend, I am so saddened by this awful news…I wish I Could be there to give you a hug and tell you that in time things will go back to where they should be….Today I realized I had not seen a post from you, so I went to your page and was taken back by this very sad blog…..My prayers for you and your beautiful family, and whenever your business picks up again, I shall be there to help you along the way…In the meantime you have my number, please do call me if you need anything that I can help with…..Sending you a warm hug….

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