Almost settled in :)

Well it’s been 3 weeks since our home had the fire…it’s been a loooong 3 weeks being here at my hubby’s mother’s house lol, and finally we have the keys to our temporary home πŸ™‚ yay!! We had the furniture come in yesterday and we have been buying just the items we need to survive with, FOOD! Β But we still have to set everything up to finally be able to live there, so one more day I say πŸ™‚

It has been a bit of a struggle with the kids, since they have been getting spoiled so much by their grandma. In a way, I am happy about it because it keeps my Zofia occupied and not thinking about ” when are we going back home”, but at the same time, it is hard to keep them on their usual routine, specially when it comes to what foods they eat and at what time they go to bed…but this week things will get back to normal πŸ™‚

I have been trying to keep strong, but I have been emotional every now and then…I have just been getting my mind busy with all the things we have to do, and when I stop and rest the pictures of our home enter my head and get me sad…but I know our home will be rebuilt and we can continue our lives there :).

I have also been emotional because of the people who have been helping us out, specially those who don’t know us that much or that we hang out with much…I really appreciate them all, and I look forward to our reveal shower because I want to say a few words to them, hopefully I’m not a total waterfall and they can understand the words that I will be saying lol…We are very thankful to everyone, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Yes, our reveal shower is coming up, and we are sooooooooooo looking forward to finding out if it will be Olivia or Frankie…in 9 more weeks this baby is coming out and will join our clan lol…

I was hoping to be able to bake this week , but things don’t always go as planned, I hope to be baking next week because I really need to, it’s very therapeutic for me πŸ™‚ I miss it sooo much!! can’t wait πŸ™‚

I believe that good things can come out of bad things…This has been teaching us alot of things, opening our minds and seeing differently. I wish you all the best! lot’s of love to you all!

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