USPS shame on you!

animal cookies 35

animal cookies 36


Thank you Tammy for this cute order, I hope willow had a wonderful birthday party! And I am happy you did get your cookies πŸ™‚ lol lol

wedding cookies 3330

wedding cookies 833 wedding cookies 994


I love the way these cookies came out for Natasha, unfortunately they never arrived to her 😦 I am soooo disappointed, I couldn’t sleep at all.. First USPS told me that it was miss shipped, and that it was in New York but they did not know exactly where…so they finally told me that it was at the FDR post office, so I of course did what I had to do and drove to NY, yep…once I arrived there (I had to go there because after calling over 15 times and having no one answer the phone to provide me correct information, I was really pissed off), so of course they said that the package was not there, finally I got to speak to the postmaster Mr. Bailey…well he told me that the box had been there and it was on its way to another post office, Cathedral Post office on the west side….He explained that they had miss shipped the package and that they were really sorry for the confusion…so I then drove to the west side, and let me tell you, that post office, Cathedral post office, has the worst customer service ever. I waited on line for 20 min, no lie, 20 min to see the supervisor there, and all that wait to hear her say that the package was not there and they did not know if it was on its way there 😦 ….I was soooooooo furious at that point having been told so many different things and yet no one knew where the package was. I mean, how do they not know where it is???? Oh yes, this was my day yesterday, I was in the city until 6pm….She took my information down and said that she will contact me once the package did arrive at her I headed back home, because my intentions where to get the package there and hand deliver it myself…well it sure did not work out that way. Keep in mind that there was no update on the tracking since thursday.

I was hoping to hear something since Natasha’s engagement party was today saturday, but all I received was a phone call from the USPS customer service line saying that unfortunately they did not know where the package was…pretty much lost. I blew up on them right then and there on the phone, and I apologized afterwards because I know we are human and we make mistakes, but to have been given the run around just made me furious. I had to call Natasha and tell her about the cookies, and I did not want to but it was my duty to let her know and so upset that I ruined her day 😦 …..If I would have known that it was a lost package instead of being told it was going to a certain location, well I would have made another batch, but with the misinformation and hoping for the best, I was not able to.Β 

So a very big Apology to Natasha, from the bottom of my heart, I’m so sorry. I plan to only use Fedex or UPS from now on, although I have never had a situation like this happen before with priority mail, but I rather be safer than sorry and would hate for something like this to happen again……Horrible weekend for me, I still feel disappointed to have let a customer down, but it was out of my control, and I tried to do all that I could, but it still feels like a failure 😦 

I also did a small cookie order for one of my usual customers but with what happened friday, I forgot to take pictures of it. Sandra I hope you enjoyed the cookies and thank you so much for Frankie’s little outfit, I really appreciate it πŸ™‚Β 

I will try to have a nice sunday celebrating my brother in laws birthday celebration, but this whole situation is still in my head…Next week I have two orders to do, and then on thursday I will find out the exact date that Frankie will be born, so that makes me happy πŸ™‚ Until then, lot’s of love to you all, I could really use a drink right now, but tea will be πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “USPS shame on you!

  1. Wow, just wow. I have to say though I would be very disappointed; I think it’s says a lot about your business/your customer service but doing all that you did. You were under no obligation to do what you did; especially being pregnant! A lot of people would not have done what you did. How do I know this ? Customer service in a lot of places have went down the tube but apparently your business is not that way. Anyway, I’m so sorry to hear that it turned out the way it did! It was completely out of your control go. Hope nothing like that ever happens again. God Bless

    1. My husband was surprised I went there, but hey, you have to do what you have to do..I mean, I would be pissed if I was in her position, and that is what sucks, when it is out of your control..I was wobbling all over in NY, but that’s just how I am , I felt I had to do all I could, until there was no more to do…I just wished they would have told me from the get go that the package was lost instead of not knowing, I would have definitely remade them in time for her, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles…as far as it happening again, I won’t let it, I have shipped a lot with priority mail and I have not had any issues until now, so going forward I will look into shipping through a more secure way, although it also depends on the customer as well. Thank you so much, and I Still owe you a cookie lady!!!

  2. OMG that is so wrong…..Sorry to hear that. I guess as a customer I would be pissed too especially being for a party and not having favors to give out……The cookies turned out beautiful and like the previous comment, you did all you could in your power. I hate the USPS too…..they are slackers, no wonder they are going out of business……and true customer service at most of the post offices suck!. If I were you I would make a complain with the better business bureau. Did you have a tracking? I guess you can use them again but next time also insure them, at least you can get something back……..Good luck with your pregnancy and delivery.

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