Hello Frankie :)



Our new little monster πŸ™‚ I am so happy he has arrived, although this was by far the hardest pregnancy I have had, and the hardest recovery as well…I am still with the after effects of all the morphineΒ they have given me but I finally feel better. I was left with spinal headaches due to the epidural…waking up and feeling like my head was going to explode every morning for the past week was not a good thing. I felt powerless, but I am so thankful for my hubby who has amazed me even more…he has done so much this past week, and I am so thankful for him πŸ™‚ . Zofia and Charlie are still adjusting to having Frankie home…Charlie has been a bit jealous, specially when Johnny carries Frankie, Charlie wants to be carried as well…but he does give him kisses every day, and does let me know when Frankie is crying. Zofia is happy to have another little brother πŸ™‚ she is yet to help me change a diaper because she says it’s stinky lol.

I have one more week to enjoy my hubby before he goes back to work, and then it’s just me with the monsters…I look forward to this new chapter, and look forward to be back home in a few months πŸ™‚ ..Demolition was done, so we are just waiting on the construction permits…it still saddens me to see our home the way it is, but I look forward to seeing it being redone…can’t wait to go back πŸ™‚

I miss doing my cookies, but having this time to just be with my kids…it’s priceless. I will continue with my cookie journey once things are settled here, and I can manage my time πŸ™‚ I might even do a little giveaway for Christmas since I have not done one in a while, and with the Holidays around the corner, who would not like some yummy cookies??Β  I will be posting details this week πŸ™‚

I am thankful for so many things, and look forward to what is yet to come. Life is beautiful, family is beautiful…Lot’s of love to you all!

10 thoughts on “Hello Frankie :)

  1. Congrats to you all. Make sure u take time for yourself also. Your new bundle of joy is adorable and I wish him a long and healthy life. Best of luck and happiness to u all. ❀

  2. Congratulations and God Bless You All! What a blessing that hubby has been wonderful but remember to ask for help when you need it. Have a great Christmas!

  3. Oky your newest addition is Beautiful…I hope as each day goes by you feel better and stronger..Take your time with the cookies, we will all still be here when your ready..God Bless all of you, Haappy Holidays

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