Baking again :)



Thank you Norka again for this order. I hope Luchito enjoyed them :)…I look forward to making lot’s of these next year 🙂

I am starting to bake again!! Little by little, one to two orders per week, just so I don’t go insane with my whole schedule, and kids lol. Having the hubby help me out definitely makes things better, although it has been a bit crazy for him too specially when it comes to Frankie…He feels scared to carry Frankie at times, just because my hubby is pretty big and Frankie looks like a little tiny bird right now lol…the same with when Zofia was born, he was also afraid to hold her in the beginning, but he will get over it :)…With Charlie, well Charlie was a big boy, yes he weighed less than Frankie but he looked like a beast lol..

Life has been great at home.. having Johnny with us for two whole weeks was amazing…being able to wake up and see him still in bed was priceless.. but now he is back at work, and I am here home with my monsters. I have to honestly say, it’s not that hard with my three little ones. Yes its non stop yelling at times, toys all over, kids fighting at times, but it’s ok I can do it 🙂 The only thing I wish for was that it was nice and warm out to take the kids outside and play, but they do love this snow we are getting.. I try to make up activities to do at home, because as much as they love to watch Dora and Mickey mouse club house, I don’t want them stuck on the tv all day…

I look forward to celebrating Christmas next week, and then a week after my little Charlie will be turning 2…these years keep flying by faster and faster…Zofia will be 4 next year and starting pre-school… lot’s of things happening, and I hope that next year is a better one 🙂

I have two orders to do this week, and two for next week, and also Christmas cookies for my family. It feels good to bake, to let my creativity flow… it makes me feel alive, in a different way. Yes being a mommy is the greatest and hardest job in the world, but when I bake and decorate, I go away into a different world lol my world.. It helps me keep sane lol lol

I want to wish my sister Maria Teresa a wonderful birthday today! I love you so much big head!

Lot’s of love to you all!


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