kids…they sure grow fast :)



I made these cookies for a special birthday, for my son Charlie who turned 2 on January 4th!! I made the Thomas cookies for the boys and Hello Kitty for the girls…I thought we were not going to have his birthday party due to the snow, but the snow melted pretty fast 🙂


I made a separate table for the kids, yes Charlie loves Thomas 🙂 I got the idea to do the foil trays filled with chips and candy off of pinterest…it came out really cute 🙂


cake 2

My lovely mother made this cake which was super cute!! We used Charlie’s toy train as a prop lol lol .


He had so much fun! But he did fall asleep during face painting time 😦 lol lol Even my mother pictured on the right got her face painted lol


Charlie has definitely grown fast. He follows everything Zofia does, and sometimes I forget that he is still a baby, well not so much of a baby, but a toddler. He tests my patience a lot lol, but he is such a sweet loving boy…. boys will be boys lol. I love my son so much and I hope he turns out to be just like his dad one day.

It’s amazing to see your kids grow each day…every birthday that comes by, you look back at pictures of them when they were babies, when they were young… yes I get all teary, but they are happy tears. I feel proud to have made such great kids. I look forward to making many memories with them, and to see them live their own lives 🙂 …Yes a bit scary, but it’s part of life.

I am starting to take more cookie orders, but not too many. Like I have said before, I don’t want to get overwhelmed or stressed out. I want to enjoy my kids, and I want to keep on doing cookies… but no matter what, my family comes first 🙂

This week I have 3 cute orders to do 🙂 can’t wait to share some pictures 🙂

Have a great week, lot’s of love to you all!


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