Life is sweet :)


Thank you Ania for this order 🙂 I hope your son had a great birthday!


Darlene, I just love compliments on my cookies, so thank you very much on this cute and last minute order 🙂 I hope you enjoyed them! 1523649_666928420017531_1430920442_o

Yes, Valentine’s day is around the corner 🙂 I am two orders from being booked for the month of February, after that I can’t take any more orders for this love month, otherwise I will go bananas lol lol..

meringues 9

Yes, my new addiction, Meringues!!! I can’t get enough of them…so simple, so yummy, just love them! I will be trying new flavors with them, and I am also going to try to see if I can make different shapes as well. I am so happy with the great feed back I am receiving on my meringues, so thank you all for your constant support!

We purchased a new vehicle this week…well not new new, but new to us lol… I am still getting used to driving it since I feel so small in it.. It’s a honda pilot, and I looove it! It has so much room in it, and my kids fit so well in it 🙂 Johnny does not believe in buying a brand new car, but this one sure feels like it, specially since it only has 10,000 miles on it, and has never had a previous was a showroom truck…we actually drove it off the show room lol lol… So excited because I can fit all my monster’s and my double stroller as well, and still have lot’s of room for when I go shopping 🙂 Yes, i’m happy 🙂

I am happy with how this year has begun, and look forward to making it a great year. Last year has definitely opened up my eyes in so many ways, and I am thankful for so many many people.. One thing I have definitely learned is that I am much stronger and patient than what I think I am lol. I have also learned that I can make things happen if I commit to it, and work hard. I have learned that love only keeps on growing more and more each day…I have learned that nothing is more important than family.

I have only one order this week and next. Taking it easy before the month of February kicks in.. it’s going to be a busy month for me but hey it’s all part of making this little business grow 🙂 …. I might even do another small mini giveaway, who knows? lol lol

It feels good to love what you do and call it a job…can’t take anything for granted…just have to keep on pushing as much as I can, without overwhelming myself…at least for now 🙂   Lot’s of love to you all!

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