how much for that cookie?

character99 I made these special cookies for lil Dante 🙂 We had such a great time at his birthday party, specially Charlie who was all over the pump it up place 🙂 We love you Dante!! character100 Jaime, I hope Jake enjoyed his cookies 🙂 I love challenges when doing characters, and this was definitely a challenge that came out pretty cute 🙂 I still need more practice with doing eyes, specially if i’m not just painting them, but doing it with icing…practice makes perfect 🙂 character101 Maria, I hope Daniella had a wonderful birthday party. Thank you so much for your help and support during my time of need. You have done so much and yet not knowing me besides being the cookie lady. I appreciate everything, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! character102 Abby, I hope Nicole had a wonderful birthday party! Thank you so much for this order! wed48 Jelenia, it was nice meeting you, I hope you enjoyed your cookies 🙂 circus3 Kelly, my husband loves your Mercedes lol..Thank you for this order, this is one of my favorite sets of cookies to do 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it!

So a big question that a lot of cookie makers like myself in many different places can’t seem to figure out, how to price your cookies…..well, I wanted to share this from Cristin’s cookies:


You guys see my pictures of the cookies I make, and to be honest, it’s a lot of hard work to create these yummy cookies. From emails back and forth making sure all details are set with the customer, making the dough, chilling it, cutting it, baking, making the icing, mixing colors, outlining, flooding, drying, adding details, adding more details, packaging, and cleaning….it’s a long process.

I can still look back on when I started and I didn’t know what to charge for my cookies…even now I still don’t know sometimes since I do get custom orders. But one thing I know, is that I put a lot of heart and work on these cookies, and I am lucky to have customers who appreciate my work and know that they are not just getting a sloppy cookie, they are getting a little piece of me in a way. I don’t have perfect cookies, I am my worst critic…but I do try my best at what I do, and I think I do a pretty darn good job. I give reasonable prices, but at the same time, I do charge what I think is fair for the work I do. I don’t lowball my work, and believe me, I have said no to orders because some customers want a 5 inch cookie with flower and lace/crochet details for $2.00….um sorry but no lol….just making flowers alone is a lot of work itself, imagine doing lace details:


Try it, try to make and decorate a cookie…see how long it takes, experience it. It’s a labor of love, and you need patience. I wish more people appreciated and understood what it is to make something from scratch, and make it into something wonderful and yummy. Yes you can go to shop rite and buy a box of sugar cookies for $5.00, but that’s not what you are getting here.

There are soooooo many cookie decorators out there, and I don’t consider it competition. I see it as a community of people who love making cookies either as a hobby or business. I know the quality of work that I do, and the service I provide. I am happy where I am at for now, and I know where I want to be. I am thankful for this journey, and I hope to live it well!

Lot’s of love to you all, get your cookie on!



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