making smiles happen :)

anniversary basket

anniversary basket1

anniversary cookies

I had a pleasure making these cookies and cookie basket for Sandy. Her parents celebrated their 50th year anniversary…love love love….It made me so happy to know that some marriages can go through so much and still be strong after so many years. Sandy I hope your parents enjoyed the cookies 🙂

christening cookies

Yes, it’s that time of the year when my crosses make their appearances lol… Candice I hope you enjoyed the cookies and that your daughter had a wonderful day!


Phallen I hope you enjoy your cookies. I love making masquerade cookies, just because of the many different designs you can do. Thank you!

character cookies 2

Lupe, it was a pleasure making you these cookies for Sofia, I hope she had a wonderful party! Thank you so much!

I just love my customers. I really do. They make me feel happy when I meet them, when they are happy to see the cookies… I am very thankful for their feedback, and for their recommendations. thank you!!

Last week was a bit busy, which is good, not too busy which is great..although my hubby still thinks I should just keep it to 1 order per week lol…I keep telling him I can’t because orders just keep coming lol… Life has been good.. Frankie is three months old now… he has grown a lot, meaning he has gotten very tall, and eats lot’s and lot’s of milk. Charlie, well, he has put more white hairs on my head than Zofia. He is such a daredevil, seems like he is fearless, which drives me insane sometimes, specially when he does things that make my heart stop for a moment lol lol….I always have to keep my eye the most on him, but he sure melts my heart. Zofia will be four at the end of the month. She will be starting pre-school in September, she has definitely become her own little person, with her own attitude and thoughts. She wakes up everyday singing and dancing lol, I love my monsters 🙂

My children are my everything… I want them to stay little as much as possible, but I know they are growing every day. I am lucky to be able to be with them and see them grow. As much as they drive me insane some times, they sure keep me going 🙂

This Friday March 7th, my hubby and I will be celebrating 11 years of being together since the first day he made our relationship “official” lol lol…Yes we have been married for almost 8 years, but we still celebrate our dating day…I still remember it as if it happened yesterday. We always laugh about it when we think about that day. Even now, I still wouldn’t have guessed I would have dated and married this man… but I sure love him completely. And although 11 years may somewhat seem a lot, it sure doesn’t feel like it. Every day is a new day with him. We have had many ups, and a few downs, but we always stick together. We make things work, we fix things that might need fixing, and we never stop loving. Yes he might want to throw me out of a window every now and then , specially when I get stressed out with having to balance my cookies and the kids and household lol lol, but he is always there helping me out as much as he can… specially telling me that I can do it! I love you Johnny!!

We are going to go have some yummy food at a Brazilian place (he has been wanting some rodizio lol) , and then we are going to the movies to watch 300 Rise of an empire 🙂 … We probably go to the movies once a year, twice  if we get lucky.. Every year he gets free movie tickets from this little old lady, so we save it until we remember we have it and use it lol lol lol…. Really looking forward to it 🙂

This week I have two orders to complete. One is a challenging one, doing cute Disney cars cookies. And the other is a birthday cookie basket for a special lady 🙂 I will share the pictures of them this weekend since I can’t spoil any surprises lol.

Do what you love! Life is a journey, Live it well! Lot’s of love to you all!




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