Coffee time :)

religious cookies


Thank you Marisa for this order 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the cookies!

basket custom cookies

I had so much fun making this birthday cookie basket for Suzana. Thank you Marisa A. Santos for ordering this 🙂 …I had met Suzana a while back when she had ordered a birthday basket, one of my very first, for her husband. It was so nice seeing her and surprising her at her job 🙂 I am happy she loved it!


flower cookies

Very simple cookies for my contractor John S., thank you so much for everything! Looking forward to being back home 🙂

religious cook


Last but not least, thank you Cathy L. for this order. You are always a pleasure to see! Thank you for this order! I love the crosses…yes I’ve done them many times before, but they sure look beautiful 🙂

It’s been busy lately, so yay! Business is good 🙂 I have been drinking a lot of coffee lately, more than usual…usual meaning I never really drank coffee before lol…. all thanks to the Keurig machine. It just makes everything so simple and fast. I have been addicted to hazelnut flavored coffee…yep, every morning I make a cup…it’s soooo good lol. So thank you coffee for keeping me going! Those little k-cups can be very expensive, but as a smart shopper that I am, I always get my coupons and wait for them to be on sale 🙂

I just finished two orders.. I don’t usually bake on the weekend, but these orders are due for mid week… I still have three more orders for this week to finish up, and then it’s relax time in AC 🙂  I am actually doing a picture tutorial for one of my orders. I keep getting asked how I make character cookies, so I figured I would take pictures of the whole process. I will make another post for it tomorrow 🙂

My calendar is filling up pretty fast, and I’m still unsure about my May and June orders. I do have quite a few orders, but i’m afraid to take anymore since we will be moving back home… I will have to wait and see 🙂 …Oh god, Easter is around the corner, and in two weeks my little Zofia turns 4….it’s going to be fun making her cookies, specially since it’s a princess day theme party! Can’t wait 🙂

Life is good! Hands all inked from the food coloring, but how I looove to make cookies. It takes me to another place, where my creativity just flows… it’s relaxing and so much fun…and in the end you look at what you have made, and just smile, because you know that little girl or boy is going to be so happy with their cookies 🙂

Till another day, Lot’s of love to you all!



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