Making of the bubble guppies :)

I decided to take pictures of the steps it takes to make a character cookie, in this case it is the bubble guppies, missing GIL, yep I forgot about GIL lol…I always get asked how I make my cookies, and since I don’t really have time to do a video tutorial, I figured I can take random pics of the steps I do to make these cookies 🙂



So I started with a round cookie. I started with the border…I usually just do a regular outline and flood the cookie, but I like the effect that the cookie has when you do the border like this and then fill it in 🙂 This border is pretty much a squeeze and pull effect. Very simple to do, the more you practice the better you get at it 🙂



If you do mess up, you can always wipe it off and start all over 🙂



This is what it would look like when you are done. It looks pretty good I may say 🙂 So I would just let it dry up for 10 minutes or so before flooding the cookie( filling it in with royal icing).


Here comes the icing 🙂 … I use regular shop rite zip lock bags as my icing bags..they work perfect for me specially since I get a good grip of it and it allows me to have lot’s of control 🙂




After filling the cookie I use my handy dandy TOOTHPICK lol, my cookie wand as I say lol…I get all those little corners, and pop any air bubbles that there may be. Keep in mind, the more liquid your icing is the more it tends to get bubbly, and sometimes it may overflow and drip down from the cookie, so try to have a good consistency icing, not too stiff for piping, not too liquid. I am horrible with measurements, so I do a lot of trial and error. And like I said the more you do something, the better you get at it and you learn.

Let the base dry for 8-10 hours before you continue. If it doesn’t dry good enough you can crack the icing, and it can go down hill from there lol lol. Plus a dry base helps prevent bleeding between colors.



I used edible markers to hand draw the outline of the picture. I do not own a Kopycake projector, which would make life easier lol, so I must rely on my art skills. As you see, it is not always perfect but I try to get it as close as the picture 🙂 You can find edible markers on line, they work pretty good, specially the fine point ones. I have always used icing to do details, but using these markers definitely makes it easier 🙂



Once I finish outlining the picture with the edible marker, I use black royal icing to draw the outline. I let this dry for 30 minutes to even 1 hour, just to make sure it does not bleed when I add the other colors. Bleeding, or when two colors combine, happens to me a lot in the summer due to humidity. I always try to make sure, specially with a black outline, that it is completely dry before filling in the areas.




When doing characters that have so many different colors, well besides being  a challenge, it is also very time consuming getting all the right colors ready. I usually begin with white, since it’s the easiest to use, but I started with the yellow family and orange. I then move on to all the other colors, until all the cookies are filled in 🙂



Once all the cookies are filled in, they have to dry completely before adding the final details. So yes, another 8-10 hours, depending on the consistency of your icing, the thicker, the lesser time it takes 🙂




I hand painted the white of the eyes with white food coloring and used the food coloring markers for the rest of the details. I also used a piping consistency icing on the hair to give it a more textured look. I think the hardest part of making any character cookies, is when it comes to doing the eyes. I still need more practice I think, although my hubby may say I’m crazy, but I am my biggest critic lol.

character 44


These are the final pictures. As you can see, making character cookies can be very challenging and time consuming, but like I have said before, having your customer be amazed and happy with their cookies, it’s worth it all!

Thank you Angela for this order! Thank you all for your support and love!



3 thoughts on “Making of the bubble guppies :)

  1. I received the box today. The cookies are absolutely gorgeous, the pictures do no justice :). Way to amazing to eat. Can’t wait for Jiselle’ s party so that I can show off your wonderful work. I will be passing the word, here in Texas. Thanks again Oky!!

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