How do I do it?




Easter is coming!!! I am doing a Easter cookie contest on my Facebook page: oky’s cookies, so make sure you check it out. Deadline is April 14th :). Cute little bunny cookies, I will be doing something like this for the Easter baskets 🙂

monster cookies


Thank you Melissa C. for this cute order. I hope Damien had a wonderful first birthday party!!



Yes… you will be seeing this cross a lot for the next two months lol lol. Thank you Dawn for this order 🙂

custom cookies2


Olga, I am so happy you love the cookies 🙂 I hope your son does too 🙂



One of my Favorite sets 🙂 Thank you Jessica B. It is always nice to change the design up a bit. I like to do something new for each customer although some just do want the same lol, either way, it’s always nice to make pretty cookies 🙂



Another set of cookies I enjoyed making this week 🙂 Thank you K for this order 🙂 …. I really enjoyed painting on these cookies, specially the little roses in the plaque cookie 🙂

I have started using stock paper for my picture backgrounds, and I LIIIIIIIIKE IT!! It gives the cookies a nicer look, and I have realized that I don’t have to take pictures to show how many cookies I have done for each order. Just showcasing the work is enough 🙂

How do I do it? I don’t know… Really… I pray a lot that’s for sure lol…This week has been one of the busiest for me. Eight orders, over 400 cookies…..As I sit here typing my blog (feeling guilty for not bloggin as much)…. I look back at my day, and I can’t believe the amount of things I have accomplished in one day. My husband doesn’t know where I get the energy to do it all, because 5 minutes of him holding cranky Frankie is torture lol lol…. There are good days, where the kids cooperate, eat all their food, play nice, take naps, share….. and then there are those horrible days where everything goes wrong, fighting, crumbs all over because they want to play with their food, don’t want to nap, don’t want to take a bath, crying, yelling…. B r e a t h e…

I have learned that my husband and kids come first…I am a multi-tasker, want to do it all kind of mom…I cook almost every day at home, unless it’s Pizza night lol…and it’s not because I’m obligated to do it , or because it’s the “wife thing to do”, I cook because I love to do it and it makes my hubby happy to be able to sit down with the kids and have family time, and talk about our day. I do it all, well at home that is…my days go by fast, the hours fly by. I sometimes don’t even know what day it is lol ….It takes a lot of patience and strength I say.  Yes some days I want to scream, but that’s because I do so much and stress myself out.

I have played “princess ponies” with my daughter the last 3 days. I play pinkie pie, and she is rainbow dash, “princess rainbow dash”. I have not played like this with my daughter before…. I love it…… I know I can’t do it all, although I do try..balancing my time with my kids, home, hubby, and cookies is still a mystery that I am trying to solve lol. I keep getting order after order which is great, but at the same time, it takes time away from my kids. It’s such a hard thing to figure out, well for me that is… I guess that’s the thing, “time”, making time…..

Life can be confusing at times, challenging…. sometimes we sacrifice our dreams for the dreams of others. Nothing is guaranteed, so  enjoy your life, enjoy your family, enjoy your cookies lol lol.

Lot’s of love to you all!


7 thoughts on “How do I do it?

  1. I love those Easter cookies! And yes I completely understand you. I went to bed this morning at 2:30 this morning making 40 chocoloate lollipops…Tonight I need to complete 100 wedding invitations and make two dozen strawberries and another 24 lollipops for a saturday party and another 30 lollipops for Sunday.. I dont know where the time goes…….but we gotta do what we love! 🙂 Have a great day and great job as always!

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