expect the unexpected :)


The cutest cookies ever!! Thank you Crystal for this order, and thank you for providing the idea. I want to make more of these mini’s 🙂


Thank you Silvia for this order 🙂 From hand cutting all the cookies, to making all the details.  A labor of love!! I’m so happy you enjoyed the cookies!


Venus, we had a wonderful time at your sweet 16 🙂 Wishing you lot’s of love!!! And I hope you enjoyed these Phantom of the Opera inspired mask cookies 🙂


Jess B., thank you for this cute and simple baby shower cookies. I love to be able to make cookies to match an invitation or an idea that my customers have. I’m so happy they were a hit!


Chrisse I am so happy Grace and her friends enjoyed the cookies 🙂 thank you!

A busy week, and another one again lol. It makes me happy to get feed back from my customers, specially great feed back lol. It just makes my day to know that my cookies put smiles on people’s faces 🙂

I had a great weekend. I actually went to get my hair cut, colored and styled, which I haven’t since ….ummm….ok it’s been a long time lol. I met Myriam, the wonderful woman who not only made me feel pretty by doing such a great job with my hair, but also answered my prayers.

Answered my prayers? yep, I felt God talked to me through her. Ok, I don’t want you guys to think I’ve gone bonkers or anything like that lol, but honestly, that is how I felt…. She spoke to me about things that I have been thinking about, things that have been on my head. She spoke to me about God, and told me stories from the bible that had to do with certain situations. She shared pieces of her life, and experiences with me… Why? well she said that she had the need/feeling to tell me these things. One of them was that I shouldn’t be selfish with myself. That as mothers we sometimes forget to make time for ourselves. We are so busy worrying and making sure our kids are taken care of, that we forget to take care of ourselves. She spoke to me about family, work, life….. “forgive those who have hurt you or mistreated you, so that you can be at peace with yourself”….”In life, we must learn to walk…learn to value everything that we have, to be thankful for the things you have been given” …. We talked a lot, and I felt very enlightened. I felt she saw right through me and everything she said was in reference to something I have gone through or going through. I left there with great looking hair, a sense of relief, and with a different outlook in life. It was a great and unexpected moment.

I always hope for the best, that good things may come…although sometimes bad things can happen, you have to be strong. I have to be strong, for my family, for myself. Yes, just like a cookie, I may sometimes break and crumble, but I am so grateful to have the love and support of my husband and kids. They are the butter to my dough, they keep me together 🙂

Lot’s of love to you all ❤


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