Almost there :)







A big thank you to all my wonderful customers 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed your cookies 🙂

Another long week, but well worth it although my wrist does not agree with me lol. I have to purchase a wrist supporter because It feels like as if my wrist was going to fall off lol lol. Just a few more weeks of doing cross cookies left 🙂

I have my customers pick up cookies from me here at my home, and it is funny to see them go to my neighbor’s house thinking that, that is my house lol lol. I always forget to mention I have a white fence around, because my neighbor who is on the corner across from me also has the same number house, but her street address is different. She came over and said not to worry, when the previous owners daughter got married, the limos went to her house lol lol… She is such a sweet lady, she probably was thinking I was running some kind of illegal thing since many people rang her bell asking for the “cookie lady” lol lol, but she was happy to see that I make cookies 🙂

Charlie cracked my cell phone, not happy about that since although paying 11.00 a month for insurance, the deductible to get a replacement one is 150….so I might as well just upgrade. But we are looking to switch services. I hate not having great reception in my house at times. So we will see 🙂

Frankie’s two bottom teeth are out, but he is still drooling a lot. Anything that is near him, he puts in his mouth…not so fun laying down on wet drool pillows lol.

I am sooooooooo Happy that our Nabi’s came back. Yes, Charlie broke the screen on his Nabi( my son likes to throw things), and well Johnny accidentally sat on Zofia’s Nabi and crushed the screen lol lol…Well it took a month and a half to get them back because the screens were on back order, but they finally arrived, and my kids couldn’t be happier. I love when they sing the alphabet.. I used to sing it to each of them as a lullaby lol lol. And… on top of getting back brand new Nabi’s, they also sent us these cute little cameras more for a sport use, that you can attach it to your helmet, bike, etc. and you can video tape yourself…I told Johnny I should strap one on my head and film a day in my life. He just laughed lol lol

May 15th is the last day we will be in our temporary home 🙂 and then back to my mother in laws house for a few weeks until we set up everything in our home 🙂 We are almost there!!!! I’m so happy!!!!!!! I miss my home, and I miss being closer to my family. I am only taking a limited amount of orders until then and I am definitely taking some vacation time.

I have another long week ahead, about 350 cookies and a desert table to do 🙂 so I have to get baking! Lot’s of love to you all!!

4 thoughts on “Almost there :)

  1. Hola cookie lady, lmaooooo…..I love those Yankee cookies. They came out nice! and my daughter would definitely like the Marilyn Monroe one and Channel…..I was laughing at your story about people going to the next door neighbor…You do know that some people call a womans private part “a cookie” So when I read that they asked for the cookie lady I cracked up!!!

    Wow that is alot of cookies, I think my hand would have fallen off already. But keep up the good work. Your work is amazing!

    Just a couple of more week and you will be in your house in no time!!!!! Good Luck with everything……..

  2. Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on the cookies for my brother & sister-in-laws 25 wedding anniversary, they were the hit of the party. We were eating them before the dinner even came out, just coulden’t help ourselves… LOL they were absolutely delicious…:)

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