So Grateful :)

character cookies1

character cookie


I made these cookies for Kathy’s daughter birthday 🙂 She really liked her cookies 🙂




Yes lots more cross cookies 🙂 So a big thank you to my lovely customers who ordered these!

mother's day2

flower cookies


I had some fun making these cookies…yes i’m adding little flowers to anything now because they are so cute!!




I just received new cookie cutters from Cakes N Supplies by Ximena, they are huuuge and lovely!! I made some time to make this cookie 🙂 I want to make more lol

Busy last week, but so grateful to make all these cookies and have happy customers 🙂 . I love waking up and opening thank you emails, and having my customers share their pictures with me… It makes me sooooooooo happy, so thank you all!

I will not be taking any new orders until I get settled back home…again lol. I definitely want to take some time to make sure we are 100% moved in 🙂 Just a few more weeks…can’t wait 🙂 Having to choose colors will be fun, specially since my hubby and I have different ideas lol lol….but just being home again, and not having to keep moving around…it will be wonderful 🙂

Life is good, Lots of Love to you all!!

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