The Inevitable..


Thank you Monica! I hope you enjoyed the cookies, and thank you for allowing me to do something a bit different 🙂



I was sooo happy to finally do some Frozen theme cookies 🙂 So a big thank you Jessenia! I am looking forward to a future order which will include some Elsa cookies 🙂 I did a lot of hand painting for these cookies, and I loooove the way they came out, I just sometimes wished I had a cookie cutter machine to make my life easier lol lol.

We are now all moved in with my Mother in law, most of our stuff is in storage, and It has been pretty good here. She helps me out a lot with the kids, and I love to see her and Great grand ma Zoshi play with the kids. The monster’s make them very happy 🙂 . We are also closer to home so we can pass by any time and see the work progress. We have a new roof and the outside is prepped for stucco. This week insulation goes in and we finally place our order in for our cabinets and granite counter top 🙂 And we also get to shop for appliances….Almost there 🙂

I don’t like typing sad posts, but blogging let’s me share my feelings, and it is very therapeutic for me. My mother in law’s sister passed away yesterday. She had cancer and passed away in the hospital in Poland. Her sister was 67…I know death is inevitable, and as much as I wish we could live forever, it happens. Wether we knew it was coming, or due to old age, or having death happen unexpectedly…It is the hardest thing in life to see our loved ones go……Seeing Zoshi, her mother, crying not only for losing a daughter, but for not being able to be there with her, really broke my heart….I thought about my daughter, about my kids…I know one day I will not be here, and I know my kids will be ok. But the thought about outliving my kids is scary.

I haven’t lost many of my loved ones. But they sure are never forgotten.

Life, Life, Life….we must enjoy every moment.

On a happier note, I only have three orders this week, and I get to enjoy my monster’s more 🙂 The weather has been nice and my kids looooove to play outside. They do make so much noise lol, but it livens this house a lot :).

Until another time, lot’s of love to you all!


One thought on “The Inevitable..

  1. So sorry to hear of your relative’s passing. As you stated it makes no difference if you were expecting it or not.
    It is still always hard. GOD Bless you and yours at this time.

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