Oh poo! lol

What a week it’s been…and it’s just wednesday lol. I really had fun making these emoji cookies 🙂 . Some say it’s the chocolate ice cream emoji, and some say it’s the poop emoji. Either way they are stinking cute!! I made these for Hamzah, he is my RVP in Primerica, and it’s an inside joke. I want to congratulate him and his wife for having their first baby girl! He sure will be seeing lot’s of poo lol lol.

I also made some leopard bra cookies for Juleen, who just is obsessed with my cookies. Yes they are mini ones :)…I am really starting to love mini cookies, just because they are so tiny and cute. I also made a really cute welcome baby cookie set for Shahd, as she welcomes her baby girl! I can’t share the picture yet, but once they are complete, I will 🙂

A free giveaway was done in my Facebook page: oky’s cookies 🙂 . I looooove giving away goodies! I really love the taste of meringues, quite addictive lol. Congratulations to Magaly and Erica for winning these! And a big thank  you to all of you that participated 🙂 They won cute carrot shaped meringues. I plan on testing out different flavors because they are just aaaaaa-mazing!

I came home today, and just wanted to take a quick nap. However, I tend to forget that I have my three little angels waiting for mommy to get home and show me lot’s of love….. I sometimes just want a mute button though lol. I love my kids, but on a rainy day like today, I just wanted silence. I get stressed and frustrated when there are many things wandering in my head, and not having a clear mind can sometimes cause my eye to twitch…ahhhhhhhhhh… I wish I had an inner personal assistant lol, but then again I tend to take on a lot. Thank goodness for Johnny, yes babe, I couldn’t do any of this without your love and support…and your patience lol. I’m so lucky he hasn’t told me to take a time out, because I can certainly be a pain when I get into my moods lol.

Breathe I say…. Tomorrow will be a better day, and hopefully not a rainy one!

To all the mom’s out there, our job is not easy, but it’s sure the best feeling in the world raising great kids. Zofia, Charlie, and Frankie are my WHY, the reason I have to do what I need to do, to make things happen. I want my kids to have options in this world, I want them to be happy. If your WHY doesn’t drive you to push hard and make great things happen for You and your family, then you need to find something that will!

This Journey we call life, will have it’s ups and downs. Keep on learning, and become a better You! Lot’s of love to you all ❤



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