work work work work work

Oh what a week it has been :).  I had so much fun baking, it really relaxes me and makes me so happy to see the end results.

At home we were all pretty sick due to a  stomach bug going around. My hubby got it the worst, but I am glad he is all better now. A family that gets sick together sticks together lol.

I will be hosting a cookie class just in time for Easter, so for all my local peeps, you can head onto my facebook page to get all the details. I have also posted my Easter cookie specials. I will be a busy maniac the next 3 weeks lol.



 These are the Easter cookies that will be available to order:
Option #1: $15 for the basket
Option #2: $5 for a pack of 4 Mini’s
Option #3: $3.50 per cookie pops
Option #4: $5 for the color me cookie and paint brush set
Cut off Date for all Easter orders is on March 21, so please don’t wait until last minute to order. For orders, please email me at .

I am also starting all preparations for my monster Zofia’s  6th birthday party :). She wants a Splatoon themed party. My mommy will be making the cake and cake pops….its going to be so much fun!

Aaaand, I am also doing a Easter cookie giveaway, so please check that out on Facebook as well!!!

Now I will be going back to my cookie cave to finish up some cookies, while I listen to Rihanna sing her song lol lol….Bake bake bake bake bake lol.


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