I’m back :)


Time sure flies, and it feels good to start once again….to do the things that make you happy.

This past year has taught me many things, yes life can be funny sometimes.

Frankie, who is now 4 (yes, my little baby is a big boy now) was diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder. We had noticed certain things changing in him, specially the not speaking as much part. His pediatrician recommended that we wait until he was 3 to do the evaluation on him. So we waited, and he still wouldn’t speak words, he just communicated what he wanted by pointing or pushing us to where he wanted us to get him something, but never voiced it. He’s a sweet and caring boy, and we just want the best for him, for all our children. We have been taking him to speech therapy ever since then, and we are also waiting to have him start with the ABA therapy as well, which is a bit more intense and is what we want. It’s not easy at times, but we manage.

Zofia is now soon to be 8, and Charlie is 6…they have added tons of white hairs to my beautiful dark brown ones. They are still learning to interact more with Frankie. We try to explain to them why Frankie sometimes yells, or why he grinds his teeth constantly, and why he doesn’t talk. They kind of understand it, but kids are kids, and they tend to forget at times.

“Just Breathe” became my go to phrase last year, and it still is. It’s been tough at times, and I am grateful to be able to be home with my kids. That is why baking was just my thing. It allowed me to be with my kids, it allowed me to do something I truly loved,and also make income. But it took a back seat, I had to put it off, because as I mentioned before, life happens. But one thing I have learned, is to not become a victim of your situation, it does not define you.

Being a mother has definitely changed me in so many ways, at times I felt I had lost my identity, and dealing with depression is not fun at all.. I just didn’t realize, I didn’t see that Β I was now playing a different role, I hadn’t lost myself, I just changed into someone new, someone better…but I didn’t realize it then. I can go on and on writing about it, but I’m in a good place now, and I am truly happy to be able to reflect upon it, and just smile.

And we also sold our home. Yes, after 10 years, we said goodbye Freeman st., and we welcomed Jaques ave. πŸ™‚ …tough transition, but I’m loving this new home. We still have a lot of work to do, but I feel so happy here. Johnny grew up in this home. It has a lot of work to be done, but thank you Lord, for sending me a husband who is so great with his hands!

So yes, I’m finally sort of settled here, and now I’m able to focus on what makes me happy. Blogging more will definitely be a must, specially since it feels so great to let it all out. And going forward, it will be not just about cookies, but about life in general. So thank you all, for your ongoing support. Thank you thank you!

Everything is temporary, except what you decide to make permanent.

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