Nommie :)


These cookies make me happy πŸ™‚ . As I look back at how many cookies I have created, I am amazed at myself. It is amazing how you can teach yourself a new skill, and learn to love it. Amazing things us humans can do.

Nommie, Nommie, Nommie! Frankie’s way of saying Mommy, and midweek last week, it came out, “Mommy”. It made me cry, I know it might not be a big deal to some, but man oh man, it meant the world to me. My son has been going to speech therapy since last year, and he is starting to say more words. Sometimes he will just watch Moana or Zootopia and sing the whole song, and we are left with the “what the??” Β lol, amazing! …. it makes me so happy to be able to hear him say more then just one word. It is quite funny when he is mad too, you know he is mad, and the words he says may not make sense, but his face says it all lol…oh my son, how I love you!

I will be making some cookies this week. I don’t usually bake to make displays, but I keep getting asked what kind of cookies I will be making for Easter this year. I tend to not like repetition as much. I love being creative, and coming up with a new cute design, or just something different. As you see the picture above, I just loved that bunny, and I wanted to make it. But sometimes, specially for certain holidays, I’m stuck making the same cookie over and over lol… I bake to please, and I’m just grateful that my clients, still year after year, enjoy them. So yes, back to baking baby!

I’m really hoping it doesn’t snow as much this coming Wednesday, as we really want to fix our backyard. It’s a bad episode of Hoarders back there lol…seriously it is. I promised my kids that we will finally have a pool this year, and we will. We just have to finish cleaning up, and by “We” I mean Johnny lol lol…oh honey, I appreciate you so much. I truly do! That is why I wake up every day at 6am to make you breakfast and set up your lunch for work….the things we do for the people who love us.

We can’t stop the Inevitable, losing a loved one.. my heart goes out to you Bebe, Emil, Kikki and Gabby. I’m bad at these situations, not knowing the right words to say at times. Just know that you have people around you, who love you and are here for you ❀

Things change all the time…life doesn’t stop, it keeps going and going, and before you know it, 10 years, 15 years have passed by. Enjoy each moment, and make wonderful memories. Because unfortunately, we don’t get that time back.

I hope you all have an amazing week! Lot’s of love ❀


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