Easter is coming :)

carrotscontest .jpg


I had a mini giveaway at my facebook page, congratulations Lisa Bloomberg W., I really hope you enjoyed the cookies. A big thank you to all that participated<3 . I love doing mini giveaways! Charlie did not want to take this picture, he said he is too old now…. my baby will always be my baby.

And thank you Patricia G. for this cute order. I hope your neighbors enjoyed the sets πŸ™‚ These emoji cookies where such a cute idea to give as mini gifts, they sure put a smile on my face.

Easter just happens to fall on April’s fools day…interesting. lol. We will be going away this weekend as my lovely little monster Zofia turns 8 this coming Saturday. She didn’t want a party, or bouncy place, all she wanted was the pool at Atlantic City. We used to go a lot back in the day, and the kids love going swimming in the hotel pool. So this year we decided, why not? lol. I am sure it will be fun, and it will definitely save us some $$. Yes, kids birthday parties can get quite expensive, even doing them at home. I just look forward to not having to clean anything up.

Things are starting to get back on track, as far as orders. I am starting to take more orders, and I’m excited because I really enjoy it, specially decorating it and taking pictures.

There is so much that I want to accomplish this year, and I have to just think, one day at a time. I don’t want to stress about what has not yet happened, and really just enjoy the moment. I am still a planner, in all aspects of my life, but I have learned to appreciate the now. Time goes by so fast, and I really want to make every moment count.

Have a wonderful week everyone ❀ Just breathe!


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